You’re invited to a night of fun! Get to know us and see how we can help your teen learn and excel!

Visit our free Teen Night Open House on May 21st, 2021, for an evening of free games, food (pizza, popcorn, and soda), exclusive sneak preview tours, and this limited first look at our new location! PBA Teen Education Center (TEC) was purpose-made to help our students get the most out of learning with guided self-paced learning, expert tutors, real-life skills, real reward that our teens really want, and so much more!

Our facility will offer teens the chance to sharpen their academic and life skills with various programs. We can help them with their existing schooling with our afternoon academic enrichment or learn a totally new way tailored to their needs with our structured online learning. We are even offering a summer camp to let your teen enjoy some fun over the summer and get a taste of what PBATEC has to offer!

And there is no better time to see our new facilities and find out more than our Teen Night Open House! With video games, board games, the best local pizza, and an exclusive first look at our after-school program, academic services, business/life skills, art, music, media production, and wall of reinforcement with all the best games! Attendance is limited to the first 30 families that sign up on our Eventbrite, so sign up today and secure your spot!



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What is your teen doing this summer?

PBA Teen Education Center (TEC) is proud to announce its 2021 summer camp is now acceptant applications! Our camp features weekly field trips, pool parties, sports, the latest games, and so much more! Space is limited, so sign up now! Our low price of $150 a week gets you 8 hours a day 5 days a week, Monday to Friday, and all activities*! The one-time registration also covers all field trips!

Join us today and give your teen something amazing to do this summer! Instead of spending it inside on electronics, spend it with us! Click on our summer camp page under community and activities and sign up today!

While you are here, sign up your teen for the 2021-2022 school year too! Space is limited, so secure your child’s future today!