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PBA Teen Education Center (TEC) is founded to fill the growing need for structured online learning. The way our children are learning is changing and new threats have made many parents want a different solution. As a result of more and more learning moving to virtual classrooms, parents and educators struggled to keep up, and our children fell behind.

But where there is a problem, there is an opportunity to learn! So we created PBATEC to help our kids get the most out of e-learning and get back to how this format denies most online learners. PBATEC gives socialization, structure, and extracurricular activities back to the students who would not enjoy them in an all-online setting.

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However, for us, learning and innovation are more than an idea; they are passions. Education and continuing to help our youths grow and shape good habits create a pattern of long-term success. PBATEC is founded on the knowledge of seasoned educators. As a result, we are empowered to helping children succeed and thrive by helping our teens learn to succeed. To do that, we needed to adapt to online learning and the new challenges it can create.


The first is accountability. Most students using e-learning take advantage of the lack of oversight. Consequently, they not complete their work on time, if at all. Being on a computer means that they have a host of distractions just a keystroke away. This can result in making staying on task even harder. At PBATEC, we create accountability by ensuring that your child is monitored and kept on their work. With the coursework getting done, we can then teach them how to stay motivated. This means practicing goal setting and teaching a pattern of success.


PBATEC helps your teen learn that they get to play hard with our reward activities! But only if they complete their tasks. Our facility offers the latest games, a full lounge, and available vending machines to answer their need to play and stay fueled. Our programs are structured so our student’s play to teach them the value of earned rewards. This prepares them for the reality of both college and the working world. As a result, they are armed with the knowledge of their coursework and the habits to succeed. This means our young adults are more prepared for the realities of life and the tools they need to succeed.


But it is more than just enhanced online learning. You also have the option to further enrich your teen’s experience with fine arts, music, multimedia production, business skills, sports, e-sports, as well as coding/programming! These courses enhance your teenager’s skills and give them an edge both in college entry and in the real world. We even let your child run their tee shirt printing and business with our full-function tee shirt printing! We also have a full studio where your young adult can learn to make videos, high-quality memes, and all aspects of video production.

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PBATEC has it all, and your teen can get it too! Contact us today about how to sign up and join in! Space is limited, so we hope to see you soon before our space runs out!

Learn about OUR FOUNDER

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Pamela Furr is the CEO & Co-Founder of Puzzle Box Academy, Kaleidoscope Interventions, and PBATEC. Furr is a seasoned educator and a business manager with a degree in early childhood education and is licensed by the State of Florida as a Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten instructor and facilitator. Holding a Director’s Credential by the State of Florida and the Department of Children and Family Services, she is a former licensed insurance agent and adjuster. She is well versed in the regulations regarding reimbursement of insurance plans regarding child therapy services.

In 2007, Furr left the finance and insurance industry when her son was diagnosed with Autism. As a result, she has dedicates her life to the education of children. With Puzzle Box Academy’s success and her son able to move onto a mainstream setting, Pamela faced a problem. The global pandemic of 2020 forcing her child and so many others into learning online, highlighting new problems to solve. Fortunately, Pam already has personal understanding of the difficulties parents face at home with e-learning. So Pam set out to create PBATEC to help children get the most out of online education while restoring some of the norms lost away from a typical academic setting. Armed with her resolve and past successes, Pam now tackles e-learning with the same determination that has fueled her success and a mother’s love to guide her hand.

“PBATEC is committed to providing our exceptional children and their families the attention and treatment they deserve, without the obstacles or price tag they typically face,” said Furr.

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