Introduction to Multimedia Production is an AMAZING must see!

Picture of our Multimedia Production Equipment

Join us for Introduction to Multimedia Production

One of the many wonderful features of the PBA Teen Education Center is our academic enrichment courses. One of the courses, in particular, is taught by Carter Dykes. He is the instructor of our multimedia production program, where students get to apply techniques they learn in class. They will then apply what they learn in our state-of-the-art media room. Here is a description of the class in Mr. Carter’s own words: 

“The way I want to frame this class is as “Intro to Multimedia Production,” and in this course, I want to be able to provide a solid foundation for students to begin to learn about the incredible world of media production. I’m not just talking about film and video either; photography plays a huge part in the production. Students will also learn skills in my class like creative writing, storyboarding, public speaking, and tons more.” 

Carter Dykes, Teacher

“There are so many great careers out there that many kids don’t even know to exist, and hopefully, this class will expose them to a world of careers that they could’ve never imagined. I mean, what teen is thinking about the possibility of being a cinematographer, studio photographer, or editor?” 

Carter Dykes, Teacher

How will our kids benefit from this course?

When asked what kinds of kids he thought would benefit from such a class he had this to say, 

“At the end of the day, this class is for any kid. No matter what kind of person you are, something can be beneficial to you from this class, and I really believe that about all aspects of learning. However, for this class, I would say that it is great for kids with a real creative side. Also, I’m going to need some film buffs in this class as well, definitely. This course is going to be great for students that have more energy than there are hours in the day as well. I want a class full of wacky goofballs with all sorts of fun and cool ideas for skits and news broadcasts. Learning should be fun, and that’s something that I want this class to be.” 

Carter Dykes, Teacher
Carter Dykes, Teacher at PBA Teen Education Center