Is LUOA at PBATEC the perfect choice for your teen’s education?

Liberty University is available at PBATEC!

Today, we are proud to highlight one of PBA Teen Education Center’s accredited high school programs, Liberty University Online Academy (LUOA)! LUOA offers a structured & flexible program that allows students to meet the student’s individual educational goals. In addition, PBATEC enhances their around-the-clock access and supports with in-person tutoring and academic enrichment. LUOA is one of the most popular PBA Teen Education Center choices; combined with its excellent staff and support materials; it leads our students to success.

A Proven Record of Success in Education

With 14 years of online learning and thousands of graduates, LUOA has a proven track record of success. LUOA’s programs cover all high school subjects with a nationally accredited curriculum. This option is also popular with people who are looking for a Christian learning environment and learning system.

Thanking Our Heroes

LUOA also offers special discounts for military families, family members of the clergy, and families of EMTs, family or firefighters, and first responders. These people help to support their community, and Liberty University gives back, allowing their families to receive a high-quality education at a discounted rate with LUOA.

So Many Options!

There are also many more options to find the right fit for you! We are proud to feature LUOA as one of our premier options and welcome parents and students to explore them along with our up to 88 choices to find the best fit for their needs!