PBATEC Delivers Full Education and So Much More!

PBA Teen Education Center (TEC) does more than an incredible teen summer camp program, academic enrichment, and monthly teen nights; we also help your teen complete the accredited high school program of their choice! There are many options for teenagers to complete a high school education, but one size does not fit all. Our program enhances your child’s education by letting them use the accredited high school program that fulfills their needs. We then pare that with our comprehensive academic enrichment, practical executive skills, entrepreneurial skills, sports, music, art, and so much more. All of this with available scholarships, and we can help teach to the level of your teen’s needs, rather than hitting a heterogeneous classroom with a homogeneous curriculum. 

What high school programs can I choose from at PBATEC?

You and your teen can choose from a large selection of accredited high school programs to complete their secondary school education in a way that suits their needs. Some choose programs that adhere to personal beliefs, such as Liberty University. Others prefer the 24 years of expertise of the Florida Virtual School Program. You could select the Lee County Virtual Franchise, which is the top-rated virtual academy in Florida! These and so many more let you choose the curriculum tailored to your teen’s needs so they can excel. 


What advantages do I get using PBATEC to help administer the educational curriculum of my choice?

The answer is simple; we make their learning even more accountable than a traditional public or private school. As a result, our tutors and teachers help your students structure their education to meet their pace and gain mastery of even their most challenging subjects. We do this by giving one-on-one tutoring, goal-setting structure, and accountability with monitoring and redirection. Gone are the days of wondering if your teen got their work done or is falling behind. At PBA Teen Education Center (TEC), your student will learn to meet their goals, do better each day, and conquer their education with confidence. Whether your teen needs guidance on steering their accelerated program or getting back on track for success, PBATEC is prepared to propel them forward to a brighter future.

Teen with curly shoulder length hair staring up and left with his hand on his chin
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Ok a great education, but what is the catch?

The secret is, there isn’t one. Our program was created by seasoned educators who saw the changing landscape of education and met our students’ needs. We need programs that meet our students and help them go further by meeting their specific needs. We need accountability. Ensuring online students do not lose out on socialization, sports, and camaraderie they can not get from home. We need our teens to have an education that will give them programs to grow practical executive skills to meet college and the real world armed for the world they are walking into, the real world.

Your teen can have that here at PBATEC. We hope you will join us to make this their best school year ever and build a better tomorrow with a better place to learn here at PBA Teen Education Center (TEC).